Awful Good: Simpsons Characters 
Just so you know the Every ‘Simpsons’ Ever Marathon Begins TODAY! 


Awful Good: Simpsons Characters 

Just so you know the Every ‘Simpsons’ Ever Marathon Begins TODAY! 





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When will they learn

This shit ain’t funny at all. I don’t know why these white dudes think it’s okay to walk up to people, blatantly insult them, then think nothing should happen. Then people look at the Black folks in the vids like THEY’RE wrong.

I don’t see how this is a prank…if getting punched is a prank then Manny pacquiao is the funniest man on the planet

surely a prank is supposed to make everyone laugh when it’s over. even the victim? regardless of what these twats are labelling it as, these poor lads still go home having experienced yet another racist verbal attack on them when they were just innocently living their lives.

fuckin dickwads.

do we REALLY expect anything less idiotic from something called BROPRANKSTV though

You can flag their channel here: (you have to be logged in to YouTube.)

The little flag in the bottom left. Flag them for “hate speech against a protected group” and unfortunately not also “Just being a complete asshole.”

Also, please don’t watch any of their videos…that will just get them more views and revenue.

Anonymous asked:

do you have any tips for someone who wants to start a webcomic and wants to try using photoshop to do it?

PeachAndChips Answer:


Let me start off by saying yeSSSS DO THE THING ZHU LI
[the webcomic thing]

That out of the way, I am not really sure what tips to offer about starting out, since everyone works differently… I work best scripting things out before I draw a single thing, but I know people who make it up on the fly [with just key scenes/plot points they work toward] and it works absurdly well for them [i’m looking at you, delphina2k!!]

But I get the impression this question was mostly asking about photoshop, which makes me wonder if you are familiar with photoshop at all…? I think you should do your artwork in whatever program you are most comfortable with. Or no program at all, if you work traditionally [i read a few of these and it looks so coool].

If you really want to use photoshop tho, I would just say look at a bunch of tutorials. And if there is an artist you like, always check to see if they’ve made tutorials or have videos of their process. This is how I’ve learned everything I know lol.

To start you off, i have two slightly outdated tutorials: 1 - 2  — I started inking @ 100% opacity again…it’s quicker that way but not as smooth looking.

I also have some even more outdated art videos but I am not sure how helpful those would be lol.

For backgrounds, I started using this method halfway thru chapter 9. [everyone should look at this, honestly]

Hmmm what else… I guess some general advice, since it’s come up a few times recently when I’ve given critiques: think about the 180 degree rule for any scene you write… if you break it, it can be really jarring. Some examples here (had these laying around from an old critique lol):


"you can switch it up a lot, and still have it be coherent if you keep it all on ‘one side’… generally you can break thru this if you are showing something else to the characters…like for example, in that second one, if a new character had wandered in from the ‘red’ area, you could show vix/kou/ly from over the shoulder of the new character and that would be alright, since it’s a new thing being introduced…it gives a reason to change things up for a panel or two [or just flipping the 180, if the scene plays out alright from that new angle lol]"

I think that’s enough for now. If you have like a more specific question about photoshop, lemme know, but I figured these are things worth mentioning for anyone wanting to do comics xD [esp the 180 thing] 

Good luck~

EDIT: oh god, and if you ever intend to print your comic, please read up on bleed/trim space in comics, like really. honestly. save your future self some time ;_;

Anonymous asked:

I'm not the previous anon, but I would like to say thanks for that tutorial! Especially the one about the 180 rule! I didn't know that, but when you say it, I totally understand why that'd be important! So thanks :D (love your comic btw)

PeachAndChips Answer:


Haha no problem! I didn’t know about it when I started out and I really wish I did… like, omg look at this entire scene aaaaaaaaahhhican’tghdsj I am  gonna be editing the crap out of those pages for print fffff.

SPEAKING OF PRINT, ADDING SOME ADVICE TO THE LAST POST… look into bleed space before you start LMAO. LIKE IF YOU EVER WANT TO PRINT YOUR COMIC…you will need to learn about it.  //sob  [//edits other post with this lmao]

[and thank you =D]